Development of websites with unique design and technological solutions

Our team always tries to create each site with a unique author's work within the company Factum Marketing Group.

Setting contextual advertising in search systems Google and Yandex

The site is an investment, and contextual advertising is an indispensable tool for a quick return on investment.

SEO website optimization and organic traffic attraction

The presence of organic traffic makes You independent of the ever-growing competition in advertising channel type PPC (pay per click).



No templates or seen ideas!

We create web-sites with the most advanced programming languages, inspired by designs and concepts of the best web-sites all over the world. Furthermore, we don’t use any web-constructors, templates and already prepared examples. Consequently, all these facts guarantee a high-level conversion rate, websites’ position growth through the organic optimization and positive feedback from the clients. Our product is a long-term investment which pays off extremely fast!


Faster than anyone!

While working on a project we use methods based on SCRUM, AGILE and Kanban technologies. Before we start any type of work, we divide the project on small parts. So, by following this rule, we can analyze each part. Thus, the project finishes as quickly as possible. According to statistics, we are 2 times faster in compare with any company which creates the web-site from scratch. As a result, by using our services your company will pay off all of your investments for development and advertisement as fast as possible.


Absolute Success!

Our company follows the most relevant methods of your web-site advertisements’ preferences. As a consequence, a project of yours achieves the best possible result. To tell the truth, our aim is to lead you to your desired achievement and put all of our efforts into the process, whatever it takes. No matter what, we already have a tremendous experience in the integration of a complex technological process and preferences of highly- perfoming advertisements.




FLAME Project

“Flame Project” organization is a web-design, SMM, video-making and creative advertisements’ development specialists’ association which has been working successfully and got into the top-rated companies on Kazakhstan market.

Data Hunters Research

LLP “Data Hunters Research”- is a well-organized and specialized company which focuses basically on a sphere of marketing researches. Furthermore, it is a fully-integrated corporation in research and analytical services for any of business and besides that, government structures.

Circulation of the head

Creating and promoting websites is not just a job for us, but also a passion. Passion to create something new, unusual and different from the rest.

We always try to be the best choice for you out of all digital market players of the world while analyzing the constantly changing global trends of web development and promotion of Internet resources. Our priority task is to bring success to everyone who comes inside of our agency. No matter is it a client, partner or employee.

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